Motorola is an Innovation Honoree at CES 2009 in the Furniture Category.

Motorola has an interesting angel on femtocell innovation with a new CDMA femtocell prototype which integrates a CDMA femtocell with a digital touchscreen picture frame and VOIP soft phone to enhance end-user experience and improve overall radio performance. This picture frame allows a consumer to deploy a femtocell in a central location in their living environment without looking like a piece of networking equipment while integrating well into the home environment. It also eliminates the need to keep a femtocell physically wired to a broadband connection. This may help resolve the interference issues that are arising with femtocell deployments by encouraging consumers to place the device in a prominent location, likely to be more central in their home.

Femtocells have the potential to become a part of our in home wireless infrastructure but who wants another device to clutter up the shelves? It makes a lot of sense to combine a femtocell with another existing product like a digital photo frame. I think we’re going to see a lot more of this particular kind of convergence in the near future and plan to look for more innovations like this at CES in Las Vegas this week.


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