An Amazon.com curated marketplace is desperately needed for Android phones.  Amazon says they will take 20% of the purchase price and require a $99 developer fee which should eliminate the current crap in the marketplace.  Its great to hear that free apps will also be allowed in the marketplace along with the paid apps.  I think the biggest asset that Amazon brings to the table is to give Android apps a forum for reviews.  The best feature of Amazon.com are the product reviews and hopefully this will also transform the applications marketplace.  Hopefully, this audience can help Google improve the curation of apps submitted to the marketplace.

I would not be surprised to see Best Buy Mobile following with their own marketplace product launch as well.  Both companies are formidable competitors and it will be interesting to see how each plans to compete.  Both companies have expressed interest in doing consumer generated coverage maps like Deadcellzones.com and it would be great to finally see one of these companies take a leadership role and work with us and us our API.  These marketplaces could certainly give them the consumer audience needed to start reviewing coverage that is broadly over promised and under delivered.


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