T-Mobile customers should voice their opinions here before the Department of Justice reviews the anti-trust issues involved in this acquisition.  They should also complaint to the FCC Chairman Genachowski here.   The news of AT&T acquiring T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom could not be worse news for T-Mobile customers.  Customers from T-Mobile hate AT&T and Verizon for their horrendous customers service and aggressive billing practices.  T-Mobile has the fastest HSPA+ 4G network and the best selection of phones that are not disrupted by iPhones which wreak havoc on the networks.  T-Mobile is a customer friendly company that looks out for the best interest of its' customers.  AT&T's customer base will be growing from 95 to 130 million and what does that mean for you as a customer?  More predatory billing practices and worse network coverage. 

The Department of Justice’s Anti-Trust division can be reached at 1-202-307-2040 on their DOJ web site or via  AskDOJ@usdoj.gov.  Members of Congress will also hold hearings on this merger, so writing your appropriate liberal congressperson (not republican) may also have some impact.

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