Hermosa Beach amateur radio operators demonstrate the emergency capabilities of ham radio during a Field Day operation at the Pier communicating with areas thousands of miles around the world. The American Radio Relay League sponsors Field Day, which also doubles is a contest where points are awarded based on the number and type of radio operators contacted. Read the full article at Hermosa Beach Patch.

When your cell phone and the internet fails their aren't many options and that is why you might want to have a Ham Radio on hand.  A ham radio is a great way to maintain communications with the outside world especially if you are in a remote area.  As you see in this video above there is a still a thriving underground community of radio hobbyist who use radio to communicate.  Here are some reasonably priced devices that you can use if you are interested in purchasing one as a hobby or for emergency purposes.  Also, are links to Ham Radio for Dummies.


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