Beware of the Wireless Voicemail Billing Scam!

Did you know that you are charged one minute for every voicemail message alert you receive on your mobile phone? If you plan to travel outside of the country or use roaming services from another carrier you must BEWARE! For example, if you are going to Mexico and use the roaming services, you will be charged $1.5 for each voicemail message received and $.35 per text message. These charges apply event if you haven't checked your voicemail or sent any text messages. Imagine if you get 10 voicemails well that's $15 wasted dollars out of your pocket. If a cell phone tower locates your phone in Mexico while it is turned you are fair game for some charges. This also applies if you have run out of minutes on your plan and don't even dial your phone to use minutes. This policy is disturbing and should be looked at closely by a few antitrust lawyers. My recommendation is to use your Blackberry phone email when ever possible.

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