Repeater Stability: Spotwave Wireless Awarded Patent

Spotwave has been granted a patent for its Coverage Area Signature (CAS) technique. This is a critical competitive differentiator in the in-building wireless coverage space, and key to the company's claims of unconditional product stability. As the in-building wireless market continues to expand, the use of rogue repeaters and amplifiers creating interference on carrier networks becomes a growing and pressing issue. Conventional repeater products do not have a robust method of sensing isolation and must be carefully engineered and installed to avoid oscillation. However, they remain static products operating in a dynamic wireless environment, and when isolation changes, a conventional product can either distort the network signals or oscillate. Repeater oscillation can act as a jammer within the network, blocking a channel or a number of channels on the base station within a network; leading to costly trouble-shooting for the carrier, and unusable services for subscribers.

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