Cell Phone Plan: Going Over Your Minutes

How many companies or industries do you know that penalize you for buying more products or services? Usually the fundamentals of business provide volume discounts in every industry. In the cellular industry there are far different business practices that I think are ridiculous. For example, if I purchased a rate plan for 1500 minutes at $40 per month, my rate would be approximately .026 cents per minute. If I were to go over my allotted minutes by 1 minute I would be charged .40 cents per minute. That is 15X the rate of my pre-purchased rate plan. On top of the penalty most companies do not provide consumers with ease of access to minutes and the transparency necessary to manage monthly minute plans. I am waiting for the day when media consumer “watch dog” groups jump on this issue and give the problem more exposure. I will be the first person to change to a new carrier that simply allows me to buy additional minutes at my base rate.

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