8000 Total Dead Zone Complaints & Growing!

After launching DeadCellZones.com back in 2000 we have received almost 100,000+ coverage complaints from the big 4 carriers. We currently have 8,000+ user generated complaint locations on our maps since we converted from a database driven complaint form in October of 2007. We try and keep the data fresh and only maintain a complaint in our database for 3 years or whenever a carrier fills gap with additional coverage and updates the location. We typically receive between 20-1,000 daily complaints posted to our map while averaging between 200-1000 unique visitors per day through. Over the last few days we have received 2,300+ new coverage complaint locations (from 20,000 unique visitors) after Kim Komando did a story on "Avoiding Dead Zones" on her syndicate radio show to more the 2.5M people. Our users find us through primarily organic search and word of mouth. Thanks to our user generated support here are our monthly unique visitor numbers below . . .

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