Do You Have A Cellular Signal Amplifier For Your Vacation?

Summer is drawing to a close, and many Americans are taking their final vacation of the season. It is evident that summer travel plans have shifted this year because of the current economy. Rather than hopping on a plane or traveling across the country, people have been altering their vacation plans by staying closer to home and taking road trips, which can be shorter and are traditionally more budget-friendly.

Having access to a cell phone and being able to stay connected while on vacation has become a key component found in today’s American vacations as well – as long as travelers can get and maintain a cellular signal. With a cellular connection, families can log onto travel Web sites to check the latest prices for hotels and activities, use Google Maps to get directions to that bed and breakfast tucked away in the mountains, stay connected to work or friends through calls, text messaging or e-mail, send vacation pictures or video directly to others, play both connected and traditional mobile games, or download the latest music to pass the time.

However, the problem of poor cellular signal reception is even more evident while traveling. With spotty cell reception, travelers lose access to online tools, data, and calls. If a cell phone has poor reception that makes for spotty calls and data access, summer vacation can easily turn into a hassle, leaving families frustrated and alone. Adding a cellular signal amplifier to a car, RV or boat can help traveling families ensure that they have a constant cellular signal for routine communication, or in case of emergency. With an amplifier, consumers can have the freedom to vacation in remote areas, while making sure they stay connected for fun, convenience, and safety.

Story provided by Walt Brooks from Wilson Electronics

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