3G Network Dead Zones

Verizon Wireless has a new commercial that launched at the Super Bowl patronizing its' customers and trying to brain wash others that they have the perfect solution. When it comes to 3G, I think Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are about the same when it comes to coverage. 3G is a lot of hype but the last mile of coverage to the home and office is going to be solved by other solutions than existing networks.
Like many other consumers in the U.S., I waited patiently to see just how great the new 3G iPhone would be. The hype around 3G network benefits prompted many consumers to wonder if mobile computing’s true potential would now be realized. However, when I looked at AT&T’s 3G network coverage map, I was astounded. There are some significant holes in coverage to say the least. Several consumers have also reported that, despite claimed 3G coverage by AT&T, the only available network coverage was EDGE, which isn’t comparable in network speed or performance.

Disappointment comes with the hype that 3G was a new, better cellular network. Consumers thought they were getting a better product, with better, faster coverage, but current 3G network coverage is spotty at best.

3G network woes are unfortunate, but consumers can take advantage of 3G iPhone features even with less-than-perfect network coverage. Many consumers don't know that they can make the most of a 3G phone and network by boosting the cellular signal with a cell signal amplifier. Amplifiers are a great solution to making the most of a new gadget by providing increased coverage than what is typical.

Cellular amplifiers are available for the home, car and office. These amplifiers boost 3G and other cellular signals and decrease the possibility of dropped calls. With the increase of 3G data card use for mobile computing, these amplifiers also come in handy for data communications.

The 3G network dilemma doesn’t mean that consumers shouldn’t avail themselves of cool gadgets like the iPhone. They can, however, increase their enjoyment by taking advantage of improved cellular reception from other cool gadgets like amplifiers that allow them to use these cell phones without issue.

Contributor: Walt Brooks, Wilson Electronics

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