John McCain Installs Cell Phone Tower At His Ranch

Here is some evidence that you must have influence and power to get carriers to set up cell phone coverage on your private ranch or remote area.

This week there's been a bit of a brouhaha over whether or not Verizon Wireless gave Arizona senator and presidential candidate John McCain special treatment by building a cell tower near his Arizona home. The Washington Post says it did, Verizon Wireless says it didn't.
The Washington Post suggested in a story that Cindy McCain, Sen. McCain's wife, requested that Verizon Wireless build a cell tower near their home in Arizona to improve coverage. Since there is now a tower there (even if temporary), on the surface it looks like Verizon responded to McCain's request. But not so fast.

Verizon Wireless, responding to the story, issued the following statement:

The Washington Post story regarding Verizon providing a cell tower to the McCain Ranch is wrong. Verizon received a request from Mrs. McCain, but declined. Subsequent to that, the Secret Service made a legitimate request for a temporary tower for its work and Verizon complied, as is required by our contract with the agency. The Secret Service request, made on May 28, specifically said it needed the service urgently and requested that Verizon "explore every possible means of providing an alternative cellular or data communications source in the referenced area and provide any short-term implementation of any type as a solution in the interim."

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