Licensing Dead Cell Zones Maps

If you are in the business of improving cell phone coverage for carriers, consumers or business I would like to suggest licensing our maps to better target your customers. Carriers have done a fairly good job at mapping coverage based on drive data. All of the major carriers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars driving around the U.S. measuring coverage. That is great if you are always in your car and talk on your phone outdoors but a growing number of consumers (now >20%) are dropping their land lines and need coverage in their homes and offices.

Today's coverage maps provided by the big carriers provide approximate coverage if you are outdoors but no value if you are indoors. Depending on the construction material and windows in your house your coverage may vary greatly from that of your neighbor. Our coverage complaint maps are designed to be very detailed and users can submit coverage problems in their home or at their office. This data can be very valuable if you are in the cell phone tower management business like American Tower, Crown Castle and SBA Communications. Another similar business like Femtocell providers will eventually be demanding this information as well but this market is still in its infancy.

Our data is also of interest to real estate professionals. Before you buy or lease a house you might want to check for coverage complaints submitted in the neighborhood. Real estate web sites like Zillow and Trulia might soon be licensing our data to help provide more information to shoppers.

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