AT&T Testing In-Home Cell Phone Antennas

AT&T is following in Sprint's footsteps by experimenting with in-home mini cell phone tower what they have branded the Microcell, otherwise known as femtocells. Sprint has been selling its own under the Airave brand. Femtocells are made to boost the cell phone signal via your high-speed Internet connection; think of it as your very own cell tower.

This is great for consumers who are unable to boost a weak signal with repeaters and have zero bars of coverage outside their home. However, one possible limitation as these new personalized cell phone towers roll out is the possibility for interference with your neighbor who might have good coverage already. Your neighbor might not be happy with you if you start interfering with his coverage network.

I think it is going to be critical for carriers to do their research on their own perceived coverage as well as their competitors in certain areas before they start offering these products to the masses. We have plenty of cell phone coverage complaints in our database for carriers to analyze when making decisions about regions to target. Lets just hope they all start paying attention to what their customer is saying.

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