Coverage Map For Retailers has launched a new full-screen version of our coverage maps after receiving a number of requests from cell phone retailers around the U.S. who are going to start using our maps in stores. Our maps a designed to "help consumers help carriers" prioritize coverage upgrades by communicating problem areas more effectively.  Now that our maps have a critical mass of data points (27,000+ locations) and growing consumers are finding the information valuable to share and make better decisions about which carrier to choose. See the regional map below of Palos Verdes, California mobile phone retailers use in Southern California.  Companies like Root Wireless crowdsources signal strength and allows consumers to kind of view.

We are actively in the process of building relationships with a number of independent wireless retailers throughout the U.S. and this will be the focus of our efforts at the CES show in January and in throughout 2009. Independent retailers have started to recognize the need for personalized wireless coverage maps for neighborhoods and offices as many users are 100% dependent on their cell phones exclusively. Often improving coverage is requires purchasing a repeater or femtocell in your home or office to improve the coverage and retailers are starting to play a bigger role in fixing coverage gaps for consumers. See Our Full Screen Map

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