Cell Phone Congestion Solutions

Do you have feel like their needs to be a cell phone waiting line at stadiums or in crowded public places? How many times have you been unable to make outgoing mobile phone call in heavy traffic, in a crowded stadium or in a remote area with very little network capacity? If you have experienced this before like me you have probably wondering why you might have full bars of coverage and cannot make a call. Well, its because there are too many people are already connected to the cell tower that is closest to you. Full coverage bars is not actually a good thing and often means there are too many people on the network around you and you might not be able to make an outgoing call.

Today's cell phone congestion at Barack Obama's inauguration speech reminded of a common problem cell phone users experience every day in rush hour traffic. One solution is to submit your coverage complaint on the DeadCellZones.com map and add a note about the network being busy or congested. The network operators will see this on our maps and hopefully take action to add additional capacity if enough people complain. Here is another solution to the congestion problem provided by Wilson Electronics that will give you priority on the network when trying to make calls. Its the iPhone & Blackberry Booster that will amplify your signal as well as charge your battery at the same time.

See our maps which collection data congestion and 3G dead zones locations from consumers.

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