Cisco is Leading the Mobile Internet Tsunami

Steel beams of a cell tower bent over by the force of the tsunami

If you think the mobile infrastructure business is dead for Cisco you are right! Full of "dead zones" the cellular carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have failed to fix. Have you seen our map of consumer generated cellular coverage gaps that the carriers will never likely fix without femtocells or VoIP?

WIMAX, LTE and 4G cell towers will never completely fix the in-building coverage problem and Cisco is positioned nicely to help consumers and businesses fix in-building coverage problems without the help of the carriers. Voice traffic is shrinking in the US and data traffic is quickly on the rise which will only accelerate the problem for the carriers who need to reinvent their business models.

Do you realize how many Wi-Fi routers and switches are under the control of Cisco? I think Cisco is positioned nicely to take control of the wireless infrastructure build-out and is in the game to fix all of the dead zones through alternatives to cellular like VoIP. Cisco's recent acquisitions (especially Starent Networks) give the company lots of options as the FCC primarily controlled by AT&T and Verizon (66% of the market) decide where to go with VoIP.

Advertising based VoIP networks will be the secondary Tsunami wave of the future and someone like Google will help monetize this traffic nicely.

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