There's A Map For That Verizon & AT&T

Guess what AT&T and Verizon? You are both guilty of providing bogus coverage maps and there is an app for that its called The People's Court of Dead Cell Zones. I would like to offer up our services in on a prime time network show of The Peoples Court and have both the Plaintiff (AT&T) and the Defendant (Verizon) in the room for cross examination. I would subpoena all of their dead zone records that they hide internally and get it out in the open public first.  I also think I might be able to get 160 million viewers watching who are all customers of both companies.

AT&T is seeking an emergency injunction to stop the ads. It also seeks unspecified damages, accusing Verizon of false advertising, and claims the ads harm AT&T's ability to compete. AT&T also said Verizon's ads are causing AT&T to lose "incalculable market share" and goodwill with customers. The maps in the ads show 3G service in blue colors for both carriers, with Verizon covering more of the U.S. map. But AT&T has focused on the white areas for the lawsuit.  All of these issue could be resolved had the telecom industry established its' out rating / audit agency for coverage.  Instead they have left it up to entrepreneurs like us to fill lack of transparency gaps.  I have some red areas and blue areas of dead zones on my maps to show each company.  See our maps on the right. >>>

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