Unlimited Calling Plans with No Contract

Which Carriers Offer Unlimited Calling Plans with No Contract?

Until recently the prepaid or pay as you go carriers were the only companies playing in the no contract unlimited calling plan space.  T-Mobile USA has seen its growth stall in recent months as pre-paid discount cell phone service providers grab budget-conscious customers, and as AT&T and Verizon Wireless continue to target high-end users. T-Mobile is not the US's fourth-largest carrier is taking aim at both segments at we enter the holiday season with disruptive calling plans and two new Android phones. However, it’s the prepaid carriers Tracfone, MetroPCS and Leap who have the most to fear.

The T-Mobile “Even More Plus” plan, does not require a contract and includes an unlimited (data and voice) option for $80 a month and a voice-only unlimited plan for $50 a month. Keep in mind these offers will not help lower the cost of buying a new phone from them without a contract and works well if you are keeping your current phone.  These plans do allow users to pay for expensive smart phones over a 20 month period without interest; users who already have a handset can also take advantage without additional fees.

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