A Victim Of Our Own Success

We would like to apologize for the recent outage of our map since Friday afternoon, November 4th.  Unfortunately, we were not prepared for the volume of traffic that the Lifehacker.com blog post on Friday generated. See our latest traffic stats on Quantcast/deadcellzones.com.  Our site has been up for over 8 years and never before have we seen a spike in traffic like this.  Articles have been written about Deadcellzones.com in the WallStreet Journal, NY Times and USA Today and Friday's traffic was off the charts compared to the traditional news coverage.  Kudos to the audience that Life Hacker has built as it is huge.

We are customer of Pushpin (technology and management team sold to Apple in July) and the services portion of the business was not sold to Apple.  Pushpin map customers were taken over by a new team Urban Mapping who is currently trying to deal with the high volume traffic problem so it does not disturb other customers on the shared server. Please follow our updates on @deadzones for updates when the map will be available.

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