Lets Talk: Drop Spot Coverage Maps

DropSpot - User Generated Carrier Coverage Map by LetsTalk.com

Congratulations LetsTalk.com you are about the 10th company to try and replicate an idea the we invented in 2001.  I am starting to feel like Howard Stern when he complains about Jay Leno and other Hollywood producers who rip off his ideas.  It amazes me that no one even considered contacting us to see if we would have private labeled a map for them.  I wish them all the luck in the world but offer a slight jab for the lack of insight.  Feel free to contact us when you decide its better to not try and "reinvent the wheel".  By the way it looks like the DropSpot.com domain might be "parked" and be for sale. I guess imitation is the best form of flattery! 

Letstalk Blog Post by Joni Blecher, Wednesday, February 10, 2010 -Looking for a few good cell phone spots and some bad ones, too?:  "It happens to all of us we can be in the middle of a call and just like that the call gets dropped. Then you need to call back the person when cell phone service picks up and remember where you left off in the conversation. For some of us we can be talking and not even realize we dropped the call until we wait for a response from the other person on the line only hear to nothing. Next, we find ourselves saying, “Hello? Hello? Anyone there?” On the flip side, there are also those areas where we routinely go to make/take calls because the reception is amazing. Those spots, good and bad, are often why we choose the carrier we do to service our cell phone and even why we sometimes feel compelled to change carriers. Wouldn’t it be easier to make those decisions if you knew the location of those spots before making any big decisions about cell phone service? We do. LetsTalk.com has recently launched a new free service that helps do just that on its site called DropSpot. We’d love to get your feedback, so just click this link and lets us know the spots where you get great service and the areas where you constantly drop calls."

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