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How To Blame Carrier Operations For Missing Your Quota

Are you in sales or sales management and under severe pressure from your boss to sell phone service in territories that have horrible coverage?  We can appreciate the difficulty you might be having when the carrier you work for has a bad reputation of service in a territory that has been assigned to you.  We can help you cover your ass with intelligence to give to your boss that proves customers hate us in this market and what are you doing to support my marketing efforts.  We have thousands for complaints that can be used as ammunition if you ever need an excuse why you can't sell your service.  We will build you a list of complaints from real customers in the market that you can give to network operations and ask them what they are doing to fix each location.  How about dealing with these complaints first "Mr. Boss" before holding me to a quota that is unrealistic.

There is clearly division within the largest carriers to grow but it doesn't appear that all divisions are in sync and believe in each other.  For example: I hear marketing blaming sales, sales blaming network operations, network operations blaming sales.  I blame it all on your customers who are frustrated with the continued bull shit slinging (aka coverage maps).  Transparency is the key to business theses days and honesty is the best policy.  See our AT&T Service Map, Verizon Service Maps, Sprint Service Map, T-Mobile Service Map and email use if you want specific details on territories.

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