Cox Wireless Service Ads Miss The Mark

Home Coverage Is the #1 Consumer Problem. Not Price!

I think the Cox Wireless servicer teaser ads are missing an opportunity and will likely shoot marketing response blanks if this ad launches. Being unbelievably fair is being unbelievably boring and average in the wireless business. Cox has a huge opportunity to kick the crap out of AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint and Verizon where their coverage stinks. Coverage is the issue guys its not about the price war anymore.

Why not go with a campaign like are you one of the 150 million Americans who have poor cell phone coverage in your home? Cox can fix their poor coverage and actually enable to talk on your mobile phone and surf the web.  Cox realizes that you talk on the phone nearly 50% of the time in doors and we provide in home coverage to support it.  The other carriers can't provide the same level over coverage in your home because they can't put a femtocell (mini cell tower) in your home.

I wouldn't be surprised to see them crank up the marketing volume around the CTIA wireless conference. The critics will be out in full force if they waste a lot of money messaging around this.  They are launching in select markets so I don't they will take this campaign to a national level.

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