AT&T Still Drops Lots of Calls in Beverly Hills

Submitted on April, 2010 for Luke Wilson 

"AT&T Dropped calls in this stretch of Beverly just before the Santa Monica intersection (as you pass the Mercedes dealership). Calls dropped 100% of the time. Very annoying and very close to switching carriers if it is not fixed soon. This is a major intersection and it is shocking that this dead zone has persisted for so long."

This is a major intersection in in the heart of the Celebrity Capital Beverly Hills, CA.  CAA and ICM talent agencies have offices right in this neighborhood and celebrities are walking and driving the streets daily. One would think that any negative AT&T exposure in this neighborhood could result in bad national PR and guess what now it does.

We need your help spreading the word about our service as it often takes a blog post or media coverage embarrassing the carrier before they will actually do anything about it.  I have always maintained throughout my eight years of doing this for consumers that "he who barks loudest gets coverage fixed." I try and read all of the complaints as they come in.  So if you have a story like this we want to hear about it and might highlight it on our blog.  Feel free to email your story as well and I am happy to consider it for a blog post.

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