Battle of Frequency Bands = Bad for Consumers

 Battle of the Wireless Frequency Bands

Once upon a time the wireless frequency landscape was quite simple. When GSM started in Europe, there was only a single frequency band in the 900 MHz band which all network operators used. Sure there was the legacy analog network in the 450 MHz band but nobody seriously thought about working on dual mode devices. GSM or bust! Things got a bit more complicated when the second band in the 1800 MHz range was opened for GSM at the end of the 90's and but it didn't take take device manufacturers long to come up with dual mode devices. In the US things were pretty similar but the remainder of this post continues with a Europe point of view.

And now with LTE just around the corner things are about to get even more complicated. Here's the bands where I think LTE will see the day of light in the next two to three years. Frequency band battles are far from ideal for everyone involved. For users it's an issue as global roaming capabilities of devices will get worse and worse. Read more: "WirelessMoves: The LTE Band Challenge:

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