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We applaud Root Metrics for launching a controversial telecom product touting that "the age of wireless carrier marketing hype of over!" I see our services as complimentary if you are a retailer like Amazon, Best Buy Mobile or Radio Shack considering to use the service.  However, I have some concerns about their data collection process, lack of data in markets and solutions you are giving to customers.  Most wireless consumer don't want to change their carrier and simply their current wireless service to provide a solution to fix their dead zone, dropped call or data congestion problems.  There are many solutions on the market today in order to fix coverage problems like femtocells, microcells, repeaters, Wifi phones, DAS networks or new cell towers.  Carriers want to know where these problem area are and if you are not sharing your information with them and simply asking customers to switch to a new service provider the customer is again the problem. 

If you operate a wireless store, whether you’re an online retailer or a chain of 50 stores or more, there’s a new way to increase your profits and increase your customer satisfaction.  (What regions do you cover and not cover?)  Root Wireless has developed an innovative and proprietary solution to help you - and your customers - make smarter decisions at point of sale and beyond. (Why don't you share who sourced the data, on what phone and give the consumers the ability to give feedback?) CoverageMatch empowers wireless retailers and consumers with accurate, timely and objective data on wireless network performance. (How do you get paid and what carriers do you typically recommend?) Make smarter decisions regarding which carrier and which device is truly the best decision based on where your customers actually live, work, travel, study and play.  (What happens if you don't have data in my area?)

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Root Wireless Coverage Map - Signal strength 2G, 2.5G, 3G, Data speeds

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