Wireless Services at The Cable Show

We will be attending the The Cable Show, May 11, 2010  Go Beyond in a few weeks and wanted to give our readers a preview. An up-close look at varying cable industry strategies for introducing and deploying wireless voice, data and video products and platforms, including plans for integration with existing infrastructures and consumer offerings.  Cable companies have been fairly quiet as of late but we are expecting some announcements to come of out of the show.  We will be

Technology & Strategy for the Business of Wireless Communications
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Session 5 - Room 408A

  • Opportunity comparisons and contrasts between data- and voice-centric services and plans
  • Research and metrics on consumer usage and adoption of cable-delivered wireless services
  • Ideas and approaches for integrating wireless with incumbent pricing plans and services
Suggested Topics:
  • Provisioning femtocells (AT&T femtocells / microcells) and service quality issues on cable lines
  • Wifi or Femtocell strategy?
  • Target marketing in dead zones and in-bundling wireless services
Moderator: Ian Olgeirson (SNL Kagan) -
Speakers: Cathy Avgiris (Comcast Cable Communications), John Bickham (Cablevision Systems Corporation), Stephen Bye (Cox Communications, Inc.), Frank Miller (BendBroadband), Mike Roudi (Time Warner Cable)

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