Google Nexus One at Best Buy Mobile Stores

Google Nexus One Will Likely Be Available At Best Buy Mobile

Up until now, sales of the Google Nexus One phone were conducted exclusively through a Google/Phone and sales were not overwhelming. Google estimated to have moved a mere 135,000 units in the three months since its January launch. Its not surprising that after the successful beta test that the giant location based advertising company is moving the phone into retail channels.  I think the best fit for their audience are Best Buy Mobile and/or Amazon Wireless to launch the early adopter sales effort.  T-Mobile could be another good carrier fit as well but they probably want ridiculous terms for selling in their retail channel.

No retailers have been announced yet, but likely candidates include Amazon, Best Buy Mobile and Walmart. Walmart back in January accidentally posted the phone on their site, but then stated that they had no plans to sell it.

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