Google Verizon Tablet vs Apple AT&T iPad

10 Features Needed on the Google Verizon Tablet to Compete with the AT&T iPad

Google and Verizon Wireless are reportedly working on an tablet together. The tablet will run the Android OS but Verizon says it’ll have more details later this week. We think Google should have something to say at its I|O conference next week.  This Google Tablet will compete with Apple’s iPad. It joins the rush of iPad rivals that don’t actually exist yet. We would like to see another company emerge as the iPad’s most formidable competitor and here are some features we would like to see on the device.
  1. Android OS with PC app sync functionality like AppBrain
  2. Google’s Chrome browser
  3. Integration with Apps - Gmail, Reader, Maps, Google Calendar, Picasa, and Google Voice
  4. Support Adobe Flash for YouTube, Hulu Video
  5. Social media app integration - Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Pandora
  6. Fast Flip Viewer - for Books, magazines, and newspapers. Google is launching an e-book store this summer.
  7. WIFI only option and 3G, 4G, Wimax, LTE option without subscription for non-travelers 
  8. VoIP Video / Voice Integration for Skype, Google Voice, TruFone
  9. Front and rear video and picture camera for video phone calls and pictures
  10. Price of $199 and make apps location ad supported

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