Hotel WiFi Dead Zones

As Free WiFi becomes ubiquitous at public locations it will be important that consumers keep landlords, real estate owners and business owners honest in their claim about coverage.  If you ever find a place the should have WiFi coverage and does not please submit your complaints to 

Hotels with free WiFi that are out there, the truth remains that the hotel WiFi world is still confusing, inconsistent, and unreliable. Brand inconsistency (meaning it's free at some hotels and not at others, even though they are the same brand) and worse, bad WiFi reception is still prevalent--even when you've ponied up the money WiFi. We've even heard of hotels that "promise" free WiFi but find out its not true.  Hotels that are on the top 5 list are W Hotels, Double Tree Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotels.  Read more at

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