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I am disgusted by how our media and Wall Street reacts to such old news from a tired consumer magazine that has no credibility in mobile. Consumer Reports may still have a large audience but they have been very lazy about providing any value to the end consumer.  We talked to them years ago about helping us get distribution for our converge maps but they were afraid to piss people off. Consumer Reports should have been covering the iPhone & AT&T topic years ago when it launched but they did virtually nothing.  We have been sticking our neck out for consumers  and vigorously reporting on the topic for almost a decade and get virtually no credit for any stories in the media.  Yet, Consumer Reports decides to finally break the news that the iPhone has antenna problems just pisses me off and tells us that the media ponzi scheme is still hard at work protecting their turf.  Read our work on the iPhone and AT&T topic from iPhone articles (54 articles). 

A decision by Consumer Reports against endorsing the latest iPhone because of reception problems threatens to tarnish Apple Inc.'s reputation, yet fans who have braved poor reception for years are likely to keep buying the product. In fact, some analysts say Apple could simply ignore calls by bloggers and others to recall the iPhone 4 or offer free cases to mitigate the problems. As of Tuesday evening, Apple hadn't returned phone calls or e-mails about the Consumer Reports critique, which the venerable arbiter of product quality posted on its website Monday. While some Apple watchers find the company's responses to the reception issue objectionable, they don't see any penalties for Apple if it does nothing further. Read AP Article.

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