Verizon is Not Getting the iPhone

Contrary to what many Apple "Fanboys" want you to believe, Verizon will not be getting the iPhone any time soon.  After speaking with various anonymous wireless industry experts over the last few weeks we have compiled our top 10 reasons why the rumor is false:

  1. Verizon's has a CDMA network not GSM watch this video for details
  2. Verizon knows the problem is Apple's iPhone antenna and not AT&T's network 
  3. Verizon fears iPhone users will crash its network from too much data usage
  4. Verizon fears the poor iPhone battery life causing signaling issues with AT&T
  5. Billing infrastructure companies like Synchronoss are not aware of any plans
  6. Apple will be adopting AT&T’s recommended reception bars formula.
  7. Verizon's LTE network will not be available nationwide until 2013
  8. Ask any Verizon retail store owner and they are skeptical about the iPhone rumor
  9. 3rd consecutive year of the iPhone & Verizon rumor and its getting tired
  10. Verizon is too arrogant and thinks they already "Rule the Air" 

As a result of our findings, we recommend that iPhone lovers either get used to their horrible reception from AT&T or look for alternative solutions from Sprint with their new HTC 4G phone or comparable smartphone models using T-Mobile or Verizon's Google Android OS.  We also recommend looking for smaller carriers with fewer users on the network which will help you get better reception as you compete for data access. As always we would appreciate your comments and feedback based on our opinions. 

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