AT&T is Google's Largest Search Advertiser

Google's top advertiser in June was AT&T Wireless who spent more than $8 million on AdWords in June. This was a big month for the company which was supporting the launch of iPhone 4. AT&T is the 3rd largest US according to Ad Age who spent $2.8 billion on measured media and $1.3 billion on TV advertising in 2009.  I think AT&T is trying to milk every last customer they can who purchased an iPhone 4 before they lose their exclusive contract with Apple.  If you do the math what is AT&T hoping to achieve getting 8 million visitors to its web site?  Are they marketing to their existing customers who are frustrated with their service?

One thing that continues to disappoint me is the lack of advertising towards their Microcell or femtocell product.  I am surprised they are not doing more AT&T Microcell advertising to its' customers.  If the product worked as advertised they could make a lot of money helping customers fill in coverage gaps in their homes.  It remains to be seen if Cisco will continue to be the supplier of the 3G femtocell product or if they will switch to Ubiquisys.  Google is a large investor in the UK company Ubiquisys.

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