Compare Weight: Galaxy G2 iPhone Droid

The Galaxy S or T-Mobile's Vibrant weighs 4.2 ounces (117.9 grams) which is 20%+ lighter than the Apple's iPhone 4, G2 and Motorola's Droid X. The iPhone 4 feels much heavier at 4.8 ounces, the Droid X 5.5 ounces and G2 at 6.35 ounces.  The lighter plastic feel of the Galaxy gives it the lightweight feel.  The iPhone and Droid X feel heavier because of their metal frames.  The G2 is heavier because of its' slide out keyboard.  At similar form factor sizes, this is a big difference especially if you carry a wallet, keys and other items in your pocket.  Some people have describe the sensation of holding the Samsung Galaxy as cheap but I have to disagree.

The phone is very light and you can barely feel it in your pocket. Unlike, iPhone 4 which requires a bumper or case to minimize the antenna interference you don't need a protective bumper or guard for the Samsung Galaxy. Reception on the phone seems good and there don't appear to be any antenna issues.

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