Reset FiOS Router to Fix Samsung Galaxy

Verizon FiOS is a great home broadband service but their wireless router has caused some networking issues with my Samsung Galaxy phone's Allshare application and my Slingbox. For those customers who have had their Verizon FiOS router for more than a few months, it might be time to reset the settings and start from scratch.  There are lots of settings and devices that might be configured on the router that could be interfering with your connectivity.

I have resolved two issues immediately after resetting my FiOS router back to the factory settings. A hard reset can be done by holding down the reset button with a pen for about 10 seconds (see picture below). After a reset is complete you will need to connect to your router via an Ethernet cord and reset the wireless to your previous settings. Remember the address of your home router is and your user name will likely be reset to "admin". You will be prompted to change your password immediately after being connected.

This should have resolved the issue of the device not being recognized by the network.  Try opening your Allshare application on your Samsung Galaxy S and adding pictures and videos to the playlist.  Then it will ask you to select a device to play the video, picture, or music on.  It's a pretty cool feature if you have a Samsung TV as well.

Kudos to Samsung for making such beautiful devices as I think the company is making great devices and could become a formidable competitor to the iPhone in the near future.  It remains to be seen what their Media Hub will look like but until they launch it I am optimistic that the devices will continue to sell as iPhone alternatives.

I am curious if anyone has any technical experience and could help me understand why this might have happened so it doesn't occur again?  Please submit your comments below.

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