Free Mobile Text Messaging is Growing

We are starting to see a lot of free applications in the marketplace promoting free text messaging as their hook.  Its not surprising considering when you initiated or receive a text overseas its about $1 and you are paying $5-10 per month for a service that has not costs.  Its just stupid ridiculous and borderline rape that the carriers charge you for texting when email is more data intensive and its free.  This is one of the biggest profit centers for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.  Why would they ever want to cannibalize this revenue stream and actually do something innovative when they can keep collecting .25 cents per message for doing absolutely nothing.  FUCK YOU DUMB PIPES!

 I am not going to list any application because all you have to do is a Google Search for "free text messaging" and you will find lots of applications.  One of the most useful text messaging applications is Google Voice on the Android phone and even directly from the computer.  Simply open up Google Voice assuming you are a Gmail and iChat users.  If your contacts are organized click on the name in the contact or chat and text Send SMS or text.  Its free and it should be since billions of emails are sent per day.  This is a another revenue "house of cards" that is about to fall quickly for the carriers.  Every text should be free and Google will probably make even more money that the carriers creating an advertising supported app.

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