Google Adsense Seasonal Fluctuations

I have started to notice very large swings and spikes in Ad Sense eCPM rates on my web sites and  I started noticing large advertising rate swings during the week for example: Tuesday & Wednesday eCPM rates were much higher than Friday & Saturday.   Now I have started noticing that October and January rates seem very low. daily web site traffic (Quantcast) has remained very steady if not increasing on a monthly basis yet our ad rates don't seem to be as consistent.  Are more advertisers starting to take a hiatus during these periods?   On the flip side I have notice VERY high eCPM rates during the summer months and also in December.  I wish we could share the actual eCPM rates we receive but we are not allowed to share them per the agreement with Google.   However, I can see it fluctuates almost 50%.  I suspect this has to do with Double Click and their display targeting.

This site performs very nicely with display ads but not as well with contextual links in the same slots.  Maybe the Double Click team is seeing a drop in display advertising from the mobile space due to the increased Android adoption?  Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have been large display buyers on the Double Click network but I am not seeing their ads as often in the last few weeks.  We will have to wait and see?

Our two largest advertisers Wilson Electronics and Wi-Ex have been long time advertisers with us and continue to see real value from the audience that visits our web sites.  We facilitate this relationship using Google Ad Manager (Double Click) and use Google Ad Sense as remnant inventory. 

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