Half the AT&T Service, Deserves Half the Price

The AT&T network is a disaster and getting worse.  If anyone ever deserved to be sued to the degree of absurdity it is AT&T.  Their service is unusable and everyone deserves the service for free.The site Half Price AT&T was started based on a rant that Jason Calacanis had on his show.  Jason suggest that AT&T should be a the largest class action law suit ever.  I pay $90 a month for AT&T and I get about $9 worth of service.  This is why I carry a Verizon Mifi.  Everyone deserves AT&T service at half price until they fix their network. Get 1 million people to sign the petition and then we could have some leverage.  Insiders have said the amount of YouTube consumption is crippling the network and the problem will never be solved.  Everyone should receive a Microcell as a customer for free.  Tyler on the show suggests that cities are not allowed by cities to add new cell phone towers.  However, we know that is not the solution because their network foundation is too screwed up.

Fast Forward to 58 Minutes Hear Jason Calacanis's Rant About AT&T

Half the service for half the price! Share your troubles with America's largest 3G disaster! Join the petition to get AT&T to improve their service or lower their price!  “Half the service deserves half the price.” Jason Calacanis https://www.thisweekin.com

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