T-Mobile Google Phones on Sale at Amazon

Amazon has the cheapest price for T-mobile Android phones HTC G2 and Samsung Galaxy.  They are $99.99 for new customers and $199 for existing customers eligible for an upgrade.  If you are an existing customer when you upgrade, make sure you keep your unlimited data plan.  A T-Mobile salesperson or customers service representative should be able to grandfather you into the unlimited plan if you have been a long time customer.

The Samsung Galaxy is great for gaming, pictures and media with the All Share application for home viewing on a networked TV.

The G2 is tremendous for anyone who likes Google Applications tightly integrated into the phone. Some of the new features we like on the the G2 phone include Google Listen, Navigation, Places, Goggles, Google Earth and most certainly Google Voice.

Likely the best feature of having a phone with a huge processor is the ability to download and use applications like Pandora, Audible and Google Listen for Podcasts.  Its the first time a phone has enough storage on the SD card to keep the files.  Both phones have about 8 GB of storage for media files.

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