AT&T Wireless CTO John Donovan Says We Will Shut Down Users & Mobile Applications that Abuse our Network

 Fast forward to 7 minutes in the video and listen to the response about network management from AT&T;'s CTO John Donovan. Tim O'Reilly asks the question, "How should we be thinking about Net Neutrality"? John Donovan, "You sitting next to me can limit my experience". O'Reilly, "Do you think about classes of traffic"? Donovan, "We think about the safety of the network and have to have privacy, security, and safety in consideration. We are all for an open internet but when we find a situation that is severely compromised by an individual or application. We want the ability to manage (ie Shut Down Access) the network. There is not enough capital in the world to build to peak demand for congestion and you need to manage that appropriately.

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