Cable Loses 1M Customers & Wireless Gains 500K

The Tide is Shifting from Cable to Wireless
The tide is finally starting to shift away from the US cable operators who have remained fat and happy for their shareholders and not their customers over the last decade.  Their lack of investment in new technology and horrible wireless offerings has customers cutting the cable cord in droves.  6 out of the 8 cable companies lost at total of almost a million customers last quarter (Q2 2010)  and the wireless carriers gained a half a million subscribers. The real questions is how many of those new wireless subscribers were buying iPad to replace a TV.   Here are 10 alternatives to cable TV if you already have internet access in your home or can access one of the new free wifi hotspots that is growing 5X faster than cell phone towers. 

What is ironic is that the new network based TVs with app stores are selling like "hot cakes".  You would think that 3D channels might be drawing customers to buy the new TVs but its not the main lure.  The only saving grace that cable operators have is their ability to sell advertising at scale on top of their sports packages

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