iPad = No More Cable Bills

iPad and Galaxy Tablet owners are the most likely going to be the first wave of early technology adopters to start saving $1000-2000 per year by cutting their cable bill.  According to industry reports cable operators are losing customers at the expense of wireless company gains.  Downloading content on the internet via WiFi and 4G allows you to have the freedom to finally cut the cable TV cord.  We have read studies that claim up to 1/3 of iPad owners will be cutting their cable cord within the next few months.  Cable companies recognize the mass exodus of customers and are trying to develop iPad apps that will keep them around.  However, this is mostly heavily used iPad apps are going to come in the form of a fantasy sports or sports statistics app the the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB already provide.   One of the only remaining reasons for cable subscribers to stick around is for the sports channels.  Cable providers are also trying to provide home wireless services.

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