Why No Magicjack iPhone App?

MagicJack has a lot of brand recognition and has sold millions of USB dongles that allow you to make free phone calls from your computer.  I find this amazing now that Google Voice, Skype and T-Mobile allow you to do virtually the same thing.  Why hasn't the company investing in developing an application for the iPhone or the Android?  Is it because their typical customer doest not own a smartphone?  As smartphone become more affordable and start to get recycled is this market about to change?  With free US phone calls and .02 cents per minute international calls why doesn't MagicJack taking a crack at converting their customer to buy a $5-$20 app for unlimited calls?  They made a phony announcement last year about developing a femotcell but I think this was before they understood all of the technical and regulatory limitations.  It appears they have bagged the femtocell strategy and it remains to be seen what will happen with the company now that the customer base is likely to slowly whittle away.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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