Why Google Mobile Advertising Could Fail

Does anyone know what percentage of location based searches fail because of poor outdoor coverage, reception issues, in-building dead zones or AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint network data congestion?  Google and Apple are the only companies that would have this information available I presume since all of the carriers are highly protective of this data.  We would appreciate a leak of this information or an anonymous post in the comments section below or an email to us.  Advertisers and marketers desperately need to get this information out into the market so new companies can be started to help solve these problems.  The press needs to stop protecting the big carriers who don't want their deficiencies exposed because this industry will experience some over heated expectations very quickly if its not deal with quickly.

This is going to become an increasingly more popular topic as Google proclaimed that mobile search is already a $1 Billion dollar market and will likely be its largest category in the coming years.  Now that most Android mobile phones are using instant mobile search and location based search this could ultimately be the path that allows carriers to offer a free Google cell phone.  There is only one reason these aspirations could fail and that is because the networks fail to adequately handle the cell phone data traffic. Another company that will be highly reliant on good cell phone coverage is Facebook mobile advertising and the coverage issue could be their Achilles heal if not handled properly.  

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