Wireless Broadband Alliance Establishes Roaming Agreements Between Public Wifi Networks

Google and Intel, along with a major Wi-Fi equipment vendors have joined the ranks of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), an organization created to foster roaming between public Wi-Fi networks, and between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.  Apparently, the WbAlliance.net web site is under construction and was down when we last checked but we look forward to the information and resources it will provide.

Chris Bruce, chairman of the WBA said, “All of the WBA partners have always been united by two common objectives. Firstly, these organizations want to work together to make the Wi-Fi experience easier for customers. Secondly, there is a real focus on creating new opportunities for 3G Wi-Fi roaming. We are excited about welcoming new partners because, with their own new perspective and expertise, they can only help us make these objectives a reality.”

Ten organizations are joining the Wireless Broadband Alliance. the new technology members joining the alliance will include Intel and Google; Wi-Fi network vendors Aruba Networks, Meru Networks, and Ruckus Wireless; and the specialist roaming service providers Accuris Networks and Aircent. New operator members include NTT Docomo, and TTNet, a broadband operator from Turk Telekom group. This brings the total number of new members joining the group in this year alone to sixteen. The Alliance now includes a mix of technology providers and ecosystem partners, in addition to the Wi-Fi, mobile and broadband network operators from across Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. At the 18th WBA Roundtable Conference, the WBA members will also discuss the roadmap for further enhancing Wi-Fi user experience, interoperability, and service delivery. The work-areas are expected to include new developments to support Wi-Fi experience, 3G-Wi-Fi offload, and roaming interoperability and compliance requirements.

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