4G Can Replace Your Internet and Cable

If you happy to live in a Clearwire coverage area you might want to consider saving some money and cut your cable or internet service provider.  If you are a not a sports fanatic and consumer most of your content on an iPad or mobile device that you might be part of the new generation of consumers who are cutting their cable TV cords.  Most people I know pay between $100-200 per month for TV, Phone and the Internet.  Now you can purchase a home modem or the Cradlepoint mobile (Mifi like) router and use it to power your home or office WiFi.  If you only have one computer in the house I would opt for the Clear 4G+ Mobile USB.  For $30-$70 per month it makes a lot of sense especially if you don't need a home phone line and have good cellular reception as well.  However, they do have a bundle that includes a phone line if that is necessary.

Clearwire 4G Home Broadband for $29.99 Per Month at Best Buy

This could be an especially great option if you are mostly consuming media on the internet and not uploading a lot of files or using cloud computing.  You need to make sure you try it out and test the maximum upload speeds of 1 to 1.5 mbps first and make sure you are happy with it. The company is not very transparent about their slow upload speeds and the latency you might experience.  However, the slow upload speeds can work for those who mostly read the news on the internet use it for social networking on Facebook.  At 5 mbps at peak rates it works just fine for watching video as well.

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