Comcast Xcaliber Web TV Designed to Fail?

Cable subsribers are cutting the cable cord in droves and cable provider Comcast is testing a set-top box "Xcaliber" to keep you subscribed.  The service brings together TV and limited Internet services. The new service is called Xcalibur and was started in response to Apple TV, Boxee, Roku and Google TV. The internet connect device has cable TV DVR functions with some internet Web features, but not those containing just a browser. This Xcaliber box will not have full access to the entire internet unlike Google TV. Not surprising to see as this move as it would give up content distribution. Comcast is only about maintaining control and will only try and keep your eyeballs glued on linear programming channels.  I would recommend that all consumers ignore the misleading promotion of Comcast's version of web TV because its designed to fail.

Other companies like Verizon FiOS lets customers access YouTube clips and other Web video content through Motorola hybrid IP/cable set-top boxes but the service really stinks as well. FiOS does not charge extra for the Web video features, which require users to install software on a PC.  We would appreciate opinions of what other cable providers are doing but I expect its probably nothing impressive as well.

In my opinion Samsung understands internet TV distribution is going to be the leading manufacturer in this space.  Sadly, South Korea is far more advanced than the United States and Samsung has been the leader in this IPTV movement.

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