CTIA "Big Idea" Contest Will Cost You $750

Do you have the BIG idea and want to share it with the telecom industry at CTIA Big Idea?  Do you want to pay a group of random people $750 to copy and steal your concept?  If you do, this is your chance to step into the a small industry spotlight at CTIA and share your idea on stage with more random people to try and gain attention.  They couldn't possible be objective and actually highlight companies that would be disruptive to the industry could they?  I would like to suggest a new category "Disruptive to Industry" that actually might make this contents a lot more interesting.

I have lived in the VC community for 10 years and asking for $750 upfront to submit your idea is a non-starter.  I can understand why $50 might help you weed through the crap submissions but $750 is ridiculous. If the industry thinks that big ideas come from the industry or companies that can afford $750 they are wrong and thus why this contest is a scam.  Here are the 5 content categories that CTIA thinks are areas that should be interesting to their audience:

1. Apps, Content & Money - mCommerce, social networking, content, OS, platforms, multimedia, marketing and advertising, etc.

2. Enterprise & Vertical Markets - healthcare, energy, transportation, education, finance & banking, general enterprise, etc.

3. Handheld Devices, Modules and Wearables - phones, smartphones, tablets, embedded wireless, machine-to-machine, wireless clothing, wearable monitoring systems, etc.

4. Operator/Carrier Services & Network Infrastructure - LTE/4G, Wi-Fi. Wi-MAX, in-building, backhaul, convergence, testing, etc.

5. Everything Else - they can't think of

6. Disruptive to Industry - VoIP, TelcoLeaks.com, Free WiFi

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