Does AT&T Have 4G HSPA+?

NO . . .  AT&T Must Wait for the iPhone 5
AT&T has not launched their new HSPA+ network yet and likely waiting for Apple to launch the iPhone 5.  iPhone 4 owners thought they would be getting HSPA+ but that is not the case.  So those waiting for the iPhone & AT&T's new HSPA+ network will likely have to wait until the Spring of 2011..  Its highly likely that Apple will name name new iPhone 5 capable of running HSPA+ and iPhone 4 owners will have to upgrade to get the new speeds. Will consumers confuse this roll-out of 5G or will AT&T be ethical in their marketing and stick with 4G?  T-Mobile has rolled out their HSPA+ network but we haven't heard much from AT&T who is also finishing up their network as well.  It will be interesting to see how many new phone AT&T will have running on HSPA+ and if their new phones will be compatible.

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