Does T-Mobile Have 4G?

Yes T-Mobile has 4G.  In fact, T-Mobile has the largest 4G network for smartphones that now works on their enhanced 3G network they call HSPA+.  If you use your smartphone like a PC or Mac than you will be very happy with the data speeds on the HTC MyTouch, G2, Nexus S and the Samsung Galaxy.  T-Mobile is rejoicing now that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recognizes HSPA+ will be considered as 4G. Does each carrier define 4G the same?  No, Verizon Wireless does not currently have any cell phones that work on LTE.  AT&T HSPA+ network does not have any phones that work on them currently.  Sprint 4G is based on the Wimax.  So what is LTE 4G?

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