Free T-Mobile G2 Soup Nazi Keeps $199

Lucky you if you were one of the many people who waited 3 months to get your Free T-Mobile G2 phone.  I purchased my G2 phone for $199 from a T-Mobile retail store on November 10, 2010 only 34 days ago. So today is December 14th and I see on the T-Mobile web site that they are giving the phone away for free with a new contract.  So, I tried to called  T-Mobile customer service and get credit on my account for $199 or $149 for the $50 it should cost me today and was unsuccessful.  I spoke with the T-Mobile customer retention representative said they would NOT be able to credit my account and my conversation went something like the the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld . . .

Not only was the T-Mobile representative rude but he blatantly lied and said it was a one day only promotion which is not true.  This surprised me drastically and is uncharacteristic of the company in my long history with them.  I really have a hard time understanding how retailers can get away with discounting their phones at a later date essentially screwing their best customer and early adopters.

Why they wouldn't honor a long time customers by crediting their account seems reasonable? Its one thing to just let it go for a $50 discount but $199 is a lot of money and now they are giving the phones away for free. Hopefully, someone from T-Mobile will contact me and give me credit to my account so I can modify this blog post into a happy ending.

I did have some serious issues with my first G2 where the SD card mounted read only and now the problem seems to be resolved on the 2nd phone I received. I considered getting the My Touch vs G2 and also the Samsung Vibrant vs G2 but glad I stuck with the HTC G2. Overall I love the phone and think it is by far the best Android phone.

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